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  • Link to your website or any URL

Banner placed on eTN articles

  •  Place your 468x60 pixel banner on any of our articles.
  • This banner will be visible whenever the article is pulled up.
  • The banner will be archived as part of the article and has a long value. Many articles are clicked on  many months after they were first published.
  • Link the banner to your website or any URL
  • Cost $100.00 per banner/ article, special rates apply for your own articles.
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Keyword text links on articles

  • We can link certain words in articles to your website or URL
  • Cost $50.00 per word link
  • This is effective long term and may increase your website rating.

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  • Our web portals are linked from other partner news portals, including CNN International, Google News, UNWTO, WTTC, Reed Expo, ITB, ASTA, many tourism boards - just to name some.

  • Potential traffic: up to 1,2 million individual visitors every month, 89% consumers, 10& trade and journalists
  • Pay a flat rate on homepage banner or only for exposure, calculated by 1000 hit segments per banner. Rates between $ 5.00 - $17 per thousand views. Contact eTN for more information.
Banner, text-links
eTurboNews Option        
Homepage banner 1 week 1 month 3 months 1 year
Banner on top of the eTN Homepage and all article pages, changes ok
numerous sizes available $1250 $3750 $7500 $22500
Banners on eTN Articles 1 article 10 articles 100 articles 1000 articles
banner will be archived with this article and is permanent linked to it. 468x60 banner $150 $1000 $7500 $50000
Publisher's Recommendation 1 week 1 month 3 months 1 year
Publisher's recommendation on the eTN Homepage and all article pages, changes ok
...more information
hyper linked text $150 $450 $1250 $3750