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eTN Travel-Telegram is a highly unique, one of a kind paid for service of individual commercial messages delivered via email directly to eTN Travel-Telegram’s exclusive database of more than 225,000.  An opt in group of  eTurboNews subscribers who have requested commercial information from our advertisers, eTN Travel-Telegram guarantees you direct access to those industry executives and decision makers who have especially requested these communications.   Since you choose the exact day and time your message is delivered, it will be immediate, timely and vital.  

  • Deliver your message to eTN Travel-Telegram’s entire database of global travel industry professionals, or refine and define your target by geographic region or professional sector.
  • Choose the exact date and time for delivery.
  • Your campaign is archived for 1 year
  • Your messages can be forwarded .
  • Our regular delivery allows to  capture and establish your own database of eTN Travel-Telegram subscribers who: opens your ads , who forwards your news articles , who clicks on links in your articles or on links provided in your ad campaigns
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New ! Prime Delivery Guarantee for
your e-mail advertising campaign, newsletter or story distribution to the travel industry.

Our prime list distribution is configured to send each message individually to the back-end send mail process. This process is repeated up to 235,000 times and may take up to 24 hours to deliver.
It takes longer, but quality always does.  Only 4 weekly e-mail campaigns are delivered as prime delivery.

Most delivery systems are built on BULK mail and speed. This triggers most common spam filters and ISP blocking systems -  so your campaign may end up in the email recipient’s junk folder or may not be delivered at all.

And since, only one percent of recipients scour their junk folder, we have come up with this program to maximize your exposure. It is a little costlier than our regular rate, but it is guaranteed to increase inquiries exponentially. With our new prime delivery guarantee, you can expect up to five times more inquiries than what you would normally get!
(IP's were not on any spam black list)
Inbox Bulk Spam/
Prime Delivery  (mostly text) campaign 58% 31% 11%
Prime Delivery (35% graphics) 52% 37% 11%
Regular fast delivery 16% 3% 81%
Travel-Telegram weekly summary:  
Include your travel-telegram in our weekly global summary delivered to all eTN readers by prime delivery.
This service is available also as a summary only option.

Prepaid rates

  Global selling trade (149,000) North America selling trade (55,000) Complete eTN partner edition list (209,000) PR agents & hotel executives
German language list (23,000) you customize your list (click here)
1 campaign € 1500.00 $ 750.00 € 2100.00 € 600.00 € 600.00 €0.01 per email +€250.00 set up fee
4 campaigns € 4500.00 $ 2250.00 € 6300.00 € 1800.00 € 1800.00
12 campaigns € 9000.00 $ 4500.00 € 12600.00 € 3600.00 € 3600.00
26 campaigns € 15750.00 $ 7875.00 € 22050.00 € 6300.00 € 6300.00
52 campaigns € 23625.00 $ 13781.00 € 38587.00 € 11025.00 € 11025.00
Additional Options (Your own newsletter):
  1. Your own newsletters edition:
    Sample Destination Newsletter : Sri Lanka Tourism     
    Romance Travel Weekly: Destination Wedding and Honeymoon
    Sample e-magazine: Hawaii Tourism
    IIPT newsletter: International Institute for Peace Through Tourism

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